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Wykorzystanie plastikowej igły w nakłuwaniu przetoki tętniczo-żylnej — doświadczenia własne

Data publikacji: 23 Sierpień 2019

Long-term maintenance of vascular access is a key element in the care of a hemodialyzed patient. The factors determining the optimal use of arteriovenous fistula include: the condition of the vessels from which the fistula is made, the quality and length of fistula training prior to its first piercing, the optimal technique of cannulation, staff experience and the selection and appropriate use of dialysis needles. In the case of patients with a long-functioning and properly formed arteriovenous fistula, cannulation usually does not cause too many problems. The situation may change when it is necessary to perform cannulation of a newly inserted arteriovenous fistula made of fragile, weak, deeply placed vessels without the possibility of using alternative solutions (no dialysis catheter in the patient). There is then the possibility of a precise puncture of arteriovenous fistula using a safe plastic cannula. This type of procedure may help to improve the safety of cannulation of difficult, delicate and deep vessels of the arteriovenous fistula, minimizing the
development of serious vascular complications. The article describes the advantages of using a plastic needle in puncturing the arteriovenous fistula. więcej

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