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Zastosowanie terapii podciśnieniowej u pacjenta po przeszczepieniu nerki od zmarłego dawcy z martwicą powłok jamy brzusznej i rozejściem rany

Data publikacji: 18 Grudzień 2019

Vacuum wound therapy is a technologically advanced therapeutic system used to treat chronic wounds. Currently, it is considered one of the most effective therapies in the treatment of wounds, thus gaining more and more use. The paper presents a retrospective case report of a 59 year-old woman who underwent elective kidney transplantation from a donor deceased in May 2019. Hospitalized in June 2019, in a septic state with progressive necrosis of the abdominal wall and separation of the edges of the wound and purulent exudate from the wound. The patient was given vacuum therapy, which allowed the wound to close completely after 15 days of starting the therapy. Theoretical assumptions and advantages of using hypotensive therapy in patients after organ transplantation with surgical site infection and wound separation are presented. In addition, attention was paid to the tasks and functions of the nurse in wound treatment using vacuum.

Forum Nefrologiczne 2019;12(3):209-216

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