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Poczet Członków Honorowych Polskiego Towarzystwa Nefrologicznego. Część XXVIII — Profesor Franciszek Kokot

Data publikacji: 29 Styczeń 2020

The current paper completes the seventh year of publications on honorary members of the Polish Society of Nephrology. As it is, Polish and foreign scholars awarded by the Society with this highest distinction are usually presented here alternately. As readers of “Forum Nefrologiczne” will probably remember, seven years ago our series began with the presentation of the first President of the Polish Society of Nephrology, Professor Tadeusz Orłowski. The previous issue of “Forum” presented the figure of the outstanding American nephrologist and scientist, John Francis Maher. Professor Maher received the diploma of an honorary member from Professor Franciszek Kokot, the former President of our Society. As a natural follow-up, in the current issue of “Forum Nefrologiczne”, the authors face an extremely daunting task of presenting the scientific, didactic, organisational and clinical achievements of the legend of the Polish internal medicine, endocrinology, and above all nephrology, Professor Franciszek Kokot. In his unusually eventful and successful life professor Kokot has been the Head of a clinic, Rector of a university, and is the only Pole to have received the title of an honorary member of the European Renal Association — European Dialysis and Transplant Association. He is a well-known and extremely valued doctor and scholar with a worldwide reputation. The Professor has been the teacher and mentor for an extremely long list of specialists who have occupied prestigious positions both in and overseas.

Forum Nefrologiczne 2019;12(4):279–285

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