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Otyłość i pooperacyjny przyrost masy ciała u biorców przeszczepu nerki

Data publikacji: 08 Sierpień 2019

Obesity is a well-known factor of the progression of Chronic Kidney Disease. Recommended range of BMI (Body Mass Index) among patients with CKD is 23,0–24,9. Obesity causes serious difficulties for the technical aspects of kidney transplant procedure. According to local transplant centers BMI over 35 is a contraindication for kidney transplantation. Obesity in kidney transplant recipients may lead to the occurrence of complications such as Delayed Graft Function or even increased risk of renal transplant rejection, in particular in the short-term posttransplant period. Excessive body mass noted before KTx but also body weight gain noted after the surgery may determine the appearance of future posttransplant complications. Significant body weight gain occurs commonly especially during first 6–12 months after successful kidney transplantation and may result approximately in over 5 to 10% of body mass increasing. Continually, poor outcomes more affect patients remaining at transplant waiting list than obese renal transplant recipients at the time of transplantation. więcej

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